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I was featured as part of General Joe's "Celebration" event!
        While not really in the realm of photography, this doesn’t really belong in “customs” either, so I’m kind of leaving it in between.  CustomCreator from the Sigma 6 Central forums is sort of a latecomer to the Sigma 6 game, but he’s making quite the splash... 

Link for actual post:

Where do you live?


I have lived in what is known as “The Biggest Little State in the Union”, Rhode Island, my entire life. No, it’s not a part of Long Island or Massachusetts. For a majority of my life I lived in a city that was one square mile. Rhode Island has been great, but I am ready to move on. However, with 2 more children coming, that dream may be put on hold.


Who is in your family?


My immediate family consists of my wife of 3 years, Laura, and our 2 year old daughter Peyton. My wife and I are expecting twins in a couple of weeks, a boy and girl.


What is in your collection?


Well, I have been scaling down my collecting big time in the past year or so. Toys have become less important to me recently. Not because of money or anything, I just look at some of my collection sometimes with no emotion. One the other hand, what I do have still around makes me happy. I have an almost complete set of the Palisades Muppets including a lot of the variants/exclusives. I have the random figures floating around(Neca TMNT, G1 Transformers, and a HUGE Venom collection that I have been collecting for over 15 years)


What do you customize now?


My main focus as of late has been with the GI Joe Sigma 6 line, and where 90% of my commission work comes from. I have customized Marvel Legends in the past as well as dioramas. You can check out some past, and present, work in my gallery.

*the above text is edited excerpts from an interview I did for The Fwoosh

I am not affiliated with or an employee of any major toy store, toy manufacturer, video game company, movie company, or comic book company. Any depictions of such characters are purely fan based.